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We are fortunate that our 3500 square foot facility allows us to include Open Gym times while we run group classes.  What is Open Gym and what can you do there?  It is a space in our facility that allows members to train on their own.  It includes all of the same equipment as what you would find in class - as well as a few more options.  If there is a movement you want to focus on, a workout you missed and want to try, or simply want to come in and move without the confines of a class setting this is what Open Gym is for.  

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Bluenose Fitness is a little different. It is true we have members that are passionate about CrossFit, our coaches to name a few. We also create an environment where those new to this increasingly popular form of exercise are made to feel like they belong and enjoy every workout. Not matter what we say here  the only way you can experience the Bluenose difference is to try it for yourself. You'll be glad you did...and it won't cost you a penny to try.

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