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Bluenose Fitness is a little different. It is true we have members that are passionate about Cross Training - our trainers to name a few! But we pride ourselves in welcoming everyone everyone, including those new to high intensity exercise. We will help you start at your own pace in an inclusive environment where you will learn, have fun and enjoy every workout. 

The only way you can experience the Bluenose Fitness difference is to try it for yourself! Your first class is FREE and we know you will want to come back again!

Cross Training

Cross Training classes are one hour long and include a warm-up, a strength/skill session, a workout and a cool-down.

Each class is led by a trainer and capped at 10 participants, which means that each member receives individualized feedback and encouragement.

With Cross Training, every workout is different so athletes never get bored and are able to develop a well-rounded level of fitness. Workouts can include cardiovascular training, bodyweight movements, barbell work and gymnastics skills.

Keep in mind that the intensity level is determined by each individual, and every single movement can be modified or substituted, depending on the athlete's abilities and comfort level.

Wether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete looking for something different, our trainers ensure that classes cater to your specific needs so you can get the most out of your workout.

Bluenose Fitness Cross Training
Bluenose Fitness Boot Camp

Boot Camp

We appreciate that people of all ages and abilities may be looking for a good workout without the intensity of Cross Training. Our Monday, Wednesday and Friday night Boot Camp is a group based fitness class that will help build your engine while strengthening your core. We introduce cardio and moderate resistance training that can be scaled to everyones abilities. Boot Camp is an excellent way to tone your muscles and increase your metabolism.

Teen Fit

For athletes aged 11-16 we offer specific workouts geared to your age group. It's the perfect way for you to meet new friends and improve your fitness in a safe and controlled environment. With a class cap of 10 athletes these classes allow for individualized instruction and feedback. Athletes will be introduced to a variety of exercises including body weight movements such as squats, lunges and push-ups, barbell movements such as squats, back squats, clean and jerks, deadlifts, snatches and gymnastic movements such as pull ups and toes to bar.  Oh....and did we mention we have a lot of fun!

Bluenose Fitness Teen Fit
Bluenose Fitness Yoga


Yes Jen is a certified Yoga instructor and offers Yoga classes! At Bluenose Fitness we recognize that our workouts may leave members feeling fatigued and sore. It is important for all of us to mobilize, stretch and take things down a notch. Rest and recovery are very important parts or overall wellness and we encourage members to utilize our Wednesday evening yoga class to do just that.

Open Gym

We are very fortunate that our 3500 square foot facility allows us the space to include Open Gym times while we run Cross Training and Boot Camp class.

What is Open Gym and how does it work? Open Gym refers to the time and space athletes can train on their own. It includes all of the same equipment you would find in class, as well as a few more options. If the dialy WOD doesn't suit your needs, if you want to focus on a specific movement or skill or if you missed a workout and want to give it a try, simply sign in to Open Gym and do your own thing.

Open Gym support from a Trainer is provided 4:45 - 5:30 Mon - Fri. At all other times your Open Gym workout will be of your choosing.

Bluenose Fitness Open Gym
Bluenose Fitness Lunch Express

Lunch Express

Have a busy lifestyle and find it hard to fit in time at thE gym? Lunch Express can help! This 45 minute, high intensity workout is a unique blend of Cross Training and Bootcamp that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The classes are led by a trainer, and include a warmup, strength and full-body conditioning portion. Come check us out from 12:10 - 12.:55 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


It is very important for new members to be properly introduced to movements, modifications and techniques. All new members are required to complete four one-on-one sessions that will cover bodyweight movements, gymnastic skills, barbell techniques and Cross Training terminology. Completing the Fundamentals sessions will not only give New Members the opportunity to start classes with confidence, it also gives the trainers the opportunity to ensure all athletes have proper modifications and accommodations in place before they begin.

If you are considering booking your Fundamentals sessions we suggest you "Book your FREE Class" to register your interest via the link found throughout the website.

Bluenose Fitness Fundamentals
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